Friday, April 5, 2013

Mom or Maid?

I love Fridays because we get to hear such great guest blogs. Today I'm excited to introduce Heather Petersen. She has five great kids and a sweet husband. She is a talented musician who teaches vocal and piano performance. Here are her thoughts on motherhood.     
Mother or Maid?--- The kids are racing out the door to catch the bus and I am giving hugs as I shoo them through the door.  I turn around to a house littered with toys, dishes, and some scattered debris (not all identifiable).  I categorize my tasks and compare it to the time I actually think I have.  Of course it is not enough, it never is.  I jump in the shower and continue to mentally list my day.  Before I finish my shower, one child is back home sick and another is asking for my complete attention.  I finish a quick ready of myself and look the house over again.  My daughter is still asking for me.
         I have a choice to make.  My house is closing in around me as my OCD brain screams back.  My daughter wants me to create a budget with her.  She has never done one, has very little income, but is really interested.  Here is where I must ask myself, “mother or maid?”  My brain instinctively retaliates against any other thought than, “clean woman, clean!”  You must understand, it really does drive me bonkers to be in chaos, especially chaos I think I should be able to control.  On the other hand, my daughter really wants to throw together this budget in the last 15 minutes she has before running off to school.  What I could say, “We don’t really have time.”  “How about later, when you are making more money?”  “Would you rather do it with Daddy?”  I could go on, but you get the point.   My next move is critical, though I may not realize it.  I can give my daughter all sorts of reason why I can’t, but she needs me to find the one reason I can.  That reason is her. 
         I realized, as crazy as it made me, my chaos would wait.  After my daughter was off to school, I was able to attack my crazy list.  However, had I chosen my list instead, when it was completed, my daughter wouldn’t have been there anymore.  My opportunity would have been lost. 
         At the end of each day, stop and ask yourself what consumed your time.  Did I read a book to my child today?  Did I look at my child’s school work?  Did I listen?  Did I play with my children?  No?  Is the laundry done? Is the house clean? Are the beds made?  Today, was I a mother or a maid?

Thanks for tuning in with me for my big week. Don't forget to take your family out for a little Geocaching mania (Just click the geocaching mania tab for info) for a chance to win a free book. 

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  1. I kind of expected this post to be about the consternations of motherhood. I LOVE the comparison of the important and the pressing things of a mother's life. Any one can be a maid, but only I can be the mother of my children! Wonderful!