Monday, April 1, 2013

Family Ever After Releases Today!

Today is a big day for my family and me and we are excited to share it with all of you! Family Ever After releases today (this is not an April fools). It's been a lot of work and a lot of fun! This book has changed my life and my family for the better, and I know it can help your families as well. Though I am religious this book is not. It is intended to help families across the world, despite beliefs or denominations. If you would like to purchase a copy you can click on the picture of Family Ever After on the left hand side of our blog and it will link you to Barnes and noble. You can also purchase at Familius and Amazon or you can purchase a copy from me. After you read it, do us a favor and post reviews at those sights, tell your friends and family about it and follow us on our blog. There will be a lot of fun things going on on our blog this week to celebrate the launch of Family Ever After so stay tuned. I'm going to leave you this morning with a tribute to my parents because they are my example of what a happily ever after should be.

As my father was mowing the lawn one day, he unexpectedly found himself in a wrestling match with the lawn mower. Miraculously, despite the tumble of man and mower, he walked away with only a broken arm, sore muscles, scrapes, and a few bruises. About five days after the accident, I called to see how he was doing. He informed me that he was at the dentist with my mother, who had just had a root canal. He told me that he was worried about her because she had injured her knees, and was hoping for her to take care of the injury quickly before it caused her further pain. He spoke not of his own injuries, but of his wife’s current battle; it was so heartfelt and so sweet. I couldn’t help but think, “I love that my mom and dad are so invested and concerned for one another when both are dealing with great challenges. I love that, though it is difficult at times, they take care of each other. I love that they still love each other.” Even though they are in pain and still busy with work, grandchildren, and other responsibilities, they have discovered the key to peace and happiness. They are living happily ever after.

There is nothing extraordinary about my parents. They started the journey of their ever after the same way as the rest of us did. They have not been immune to tragedy, stress, loneliness, or failures, and yet they have found extraordinary happiness in life by showing love to the ones they love the most. 

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