Family Fun Ideas

Glow in the dark easter egg hunt

I bought all the stuff for it but we haven't had our fun yet...I think tonight. You should try it. All you need are some regular plastic easter eggs that you would use for any hunt. You will also need some glow stick bracelets. Crack your bracelets to get them glowing and put one in each egg. Turn out the lights or wait until dark and then hide them for some family fun. We'll let you know how our adventure goes.

The kids loved this. They hid the eggs over and over again!

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

Get some plastic easter eggs, buy a puzzle or use one you already have and put one puzzle piece in each egg. Hide them everywhere. As the kids find the puzzle pieces have them put the puzzle together. Also sounds super fun. I bought a 48 piece easter puzzle from the dollar store. Make sure your puzzle pieces fit in your easter eggs. You may have to buy the bigger eggs.

Balloon Stomp

Have a balloon Stomping contest. We played this one over and over. Super fun but be careful! I walked away with a pretty good bruise on the calf. You just need some balloons and yarn. We used the smaller size balloons because they are a little tougher allowing you to play a little longer. After blowing up your balloons tie them to a string that is long enough to be tied around your ankle. The goal is to pop everyone elses balloon. The last one with balloon in tact wins. We just had one shoes. Adults and kids played together but if you're going to be super aggresive you may want to have a kids game seperate from the adult game.

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