Stressed Out for Parents! How to be Calm, Confident, and Focused

I thrilled to introduce Stressed Out! For Parents: How to be Calm, Confident, and Focused. This is the title and cover of my new book. It is now on sale and can be purchased through Barnes and Noble and many online venues.  I have been working along side Dr. Ben Bernstein (author of A Teens Guide to Success, and Test Success, Doctor of Psychology and well known performance coach) for the last year. Together Ben and I have compiled all of his greatest stress relieving techniques in an effort to relieve parental stress and improve happiness and satisfaction in family life.

To give you a summary, the book teaches that every person has an optimal window of stress in which  they perform at their best. Too much stress and you will not perform well. Too little stress and you will also not perform well. As a parent my inefficiencies usually fall in the realm of overly stressed. I don't usually have the problem of too little stress but I suppose it could happen. When we as parents are calm in body, confident in mind, and focused in spirit, we will find that optimal window of success that Dr. Bernstein teaches us about.

What is my role in this fantastic book? I wrote the stories, I re-wrote the model from a parenting perspective, and I consulted with Dr. Bernstein weekly and sometimes daily to make sure the model is presented at it's best. The neatest part is that I got to live and practice the model with my own family while Dr. B coached me on how I could improve, what I was doing well, and what I could change.  My husband has used the model.  My daughter Ella has used used it (There is a section in the book on teaching some of the models of success to your children). And I have used it. It works! And that is why I am so excited to share this book with you!

I invite you to use and enjoy this model of success as my family has done. A Sneak peek will be coming soon!

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