Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Parenting is So Rewarding!

I won a special parenting award this week! Very unique! Let me give you some back ground before I reveal my exciting news. So my daughter and I are talking in the car. She needed something...and I had forgotten. That very same day my brain escaped me and I took my kindergartener to school 20 minutes late. Why? Because for some reason I thought school started twenty minutes later. It would appear--as her report card just came home to show her tardies--that this was not a one time deal. During this week I also forgot to blog, forgot to make important phone calls, and forgot things at the store. I was pretty sick, and I must consider this a blessing because I may never have won this award. Who are we kidding...I still would have won it.

 I know your dying to know. Wait for it... I won the "you are special for forgetting everything reward" bestowed upon me by my ten year old daughter. And for the record, my daughter wasn't kidding. She was very sincere...maybe too sincere. The award was followed by a well thought out speech that went something like this. "Mom, everyone else I know especially Dad remembers things. But you Mom, you forget everything! You're the only one who does that. That's special." I hate to gloat, but how can I not?! It's not everyday you win an award like that. At least I don't ever remember winning an award like that...hmm.

Sometimes life as a parent is...well just so rewarding!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

People Were Made to be Loved!

Brain Tumors, Crohns Disease, un-employent, Cystic Fibrosis, Bed rest pregnancy, epilepsy, death of a child, surgeries and serious depression. These are all of the struggles of many wonderful families around me. Families that I love. Families that I want to be happy.
I have been sick with a bad cold and been totally miserable for a few days. Yesterday my friend brought my family dinner, today she took my kids to school, and brought me dinner again. "I'm not dying," I tried to tell her, but she wouldn't hear it. She took such good care of my family and me and I felt so loved. My children felt special and my husband was sooo happy not to have to worry about dinner or dishes.

I have a point here.

All of our lives are bursting with some hardship or another. I once heard a speaker suggest that everyone struggles with three basic things: Health, Finances, or Relationships, and I agree. I would not consider a bad cold a symptom of a bursting life but my friend did. Her thoughtful care of me made me think about all of those people listed above who are currently struggling with painful life changing events. It has led me to ponder what I have done for them to ease their burden and gladden their lives, their families and their homes. What have I done for them to feel loved, supported and well taken care of?

When we are born we are surrounded by people: nurses, doctors, students, parents, and grandparents. I believe their is a reason for this. We need each other. Life is hard! Major understatement! Are we not all part of one big family? We are! I love the quote, "People were made to be loved and things were made to be used." It's amazing how often we confuse the two. We need to branch outside of our small families to bless the larger family around us. Life is one giant opportunity to help lift one another in our trials. So this week, myself included, lets make an effort to really help and love our neighbors, friends, family or co-workers in a meaningful way.