Friday, April 19, 2013

If Only She Could See What I See

I know on Fridays everyone is looking for a great guest blog but today I changed it up. Since our theme this week has been about finding happiness, taking time for ourselves and our family I thought this video was fitting. We talk so much about loving our families but what about loving ourselves? I don't think I go a single day without a comment about how my pants are tight or my hair is falling out or my complexion is just not what it used to be. This video really made me think. Obviously most of us don't have the bombshell bodies we see plastered around us and who are we kidding... Most of them are airbrushed anyway. We are so much greater than we give ourselves credit for. One of my good friends made a comment this week that she hoped people could see past her exterior. It's so interesting to me that she said that because I truly think her exterior is beautiful! If only she could see what I see. If only I could see what my husband sees. If only we could see the good in ourselves.

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think. Check out our Geocaching Mania for some fun pictures!

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  1. That was a pretty powerful presentation. Good message!