Saturday, June 23, 2012

The First Camping Trip of The Season

After the first round of vomiting I was ready to pack up and go. After the third round, my husband built a fire, and I was thinking, “What . . . are you doing.”  I grew up camping and all I ever remember is loving it. We caught lizards, got lost on hikes, roasted smores and could still move upon waking. These are great family memories for me. Sadly, this camping trip was not turning into one of those sweet memories. I spent the evening chasing my one year old, imagining all of the dangers lurking about for him. Not until he was fast asleep could I enjoy the fire rather than see it as my sons demise, or hear the rolling stream without visions of him falling in and never being found. It was a long wakeful night, as I held my son trying to keep the vomit on the dirt instead of the tent and blankets. I wasn’t loving it. I finally had everyone convinced we could leave but only after tears were shed at their disappointment. When the car didn’t start at 5:45 am and Jackson was tucked safely in his seat still throwing up; Well, you can imagine the rest.
As my daughter and I were chatting this afternoon she began telling me how much she loved the camping trip. Her favorite part was sleeping in the tent.  She confided to me, she couldn’t wait to go camping again. It was at this moment I realized I would go camping over and over again, because even if this trip wasn’t what I imagined, my children loved it. We were making memories. My parents did it for me and I want to do the same for my children. I’m sure in a few days when the sickness has cleared out and my sleep recouped; I might even be excited about it. I find sometimes we do things we don’t love for the people we do love.
You should know, my husband built that fire, because he knew it would make the kids happy and warm while we broke camp.  Such wisdom.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Wait Until Your Dad Gets Home...Happy Fathers Day

Just wait until your Dad comes home. These are such endearing and thought provoking words. I wonder how it was I got so lucky to have such a great father. I remember how excited I was every time he came home from his business trips. I would give him a hug and breath in the very memorable, smoky, stale, airplane smell.  I reflect on the commotion created every evening when my husband comes home. Little noses pressed against the window until the door creeks, then a herd of kiddos huddle around their dad for hugs and kisses. I wonder again, how did I get so lucky to have such a great husband, who is such a great Dad to my children? I realize I’m so lucky, because his father taught him. Then I start thinking about how I have such great brothers and brothers in law, who were taught by their fathers to be amazing men and incredible Dads. Our families are history in the making, lead by great men, teaching, praying, maybe making a few mistakes, but always loving.
     I often mention to my husband in jest how he could never get along without me, but the truth is I could never get along without him. The father’s and Grandfathers in our lives are irreplaceable. If you haven’t heard it enough, we need you, we love you, and we appreciate you! Here’s to our Grandfathers who taught our fathers, who taught their sons, who teach their sons and daughters today. May lifes greatest joys manifest themselves and flow down on you this Fathers Day.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Put On Your Oxygen Mask Before Assisting Others

The most important words you’ll ever hear…Put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. This is what every flight attendant blares through the loud speaker when going over pre-flight emergency procedures.  There is a very obvious reason for this. If you try to get your child’s mask on first and pass out in the process you and your child will die. If however you take this practical and life saving advice you will save two lives. This is how it rolls in real life. When you get burned out because you always go go go, not only are you going to lose the life in yourself but so will your family.
Family life is about serving and giving your all for the good of the whole, but if you give everything without refilling your tanks you won’t have anything left to give. It’s okay to do something you love, to take a nap or read a book or whatever it is that brings out the daisies in your world. My kids are currently out with their dad catching salamanders at the pond. As much as I love them and being with them I can’t help but feel the serenity of a much needed brake.
This weeks challenge: Spend one hour doing something you love just for you. See if you can’t refill your tank. A little relaxation goes a long way.