Monday, April 8, 2013

Expect The Unexpected!

Today's thought comes from "Family Ever After" Chapter 5.

"In a questionable moment of parenting, I caved like a washed out mine, and told my kids they could have their long-desired kitty if they could keep their rooms clean, beds made, and trash out for thirty days. I knew they would never do it because they hate cleaning their rooms. However,to my utter disappointment and displeasure, cleaning their rooms became a sudden adventure to be mostly enjoyed. Instead of moaning about the strewn books, mountains of Legos, and heaps of clothing lying next to the tipped laundry basket, they dreamed about their new cat, thinking of names and making feeding schedules. Suddenly, the work they were sure would take a lifetime was completed in a flash, without any tears or threats. The work was fun. My kids can scrape poop out of the kitty litter and enjoy it as long as we make it fun. Work will always be prevalent. In fact it will likely fill most of our time. I can’t think of a better reason to make it enjoyable."

This next bit of life I am about to reveal cannot be found in my book. It is just one of life's moments I didn't see coming. The above mentioned cats name is Skitter. My children adore her and do a good job taking care of her. Sweet little Skitter became pregnant before we knew she was even old enough for such things. My kids have been excited about this for weeks. When we came home from our Spring break vacation she had just had the kittens...FIVE of them! I don't love animals but I don't hate them either. I wanted Skitter and her babies to be comfortable and safe. So we set her up a cush little house in the bathroom and locked the door hoping our little guy would leave our new litter alone.  

On Saturday morning Julia our four year old came running to me and exclaimed "Mom, Jackson (our two-year-old) flushed one of the kittens down the toilet!" Can you imagine my suprise? I just couldn't believe it! I counted the kittens and sure enough, one was missing and of course it was the cutest one. We looked in the trash cans, around the house, and in the toys but that kitty was definately MIA. He really did flush it!  

 After excesive loving and playtime with the kittens (which we had already forbidden) one more kitten died. If I was that mother cat I would be seriously ticked! From it all however, my children have learned some important lessons about life and love. I had every intention of giving all five kittens away but it still broke my heart. Life is such a precious miracle even if it is a cat. 

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