Friday, May 10, 2013


I recently read a profound article about passion by Stephen Palmer. He taught that passion isn’t just something we are excited about, or always enjoy doing. He implied that passion is sacrifice with a purpose. Saying, “it is not just giving something up but rather suffering for what we love.” As I read the article the word Mother is what came to mind.

A passionate mother is the mother who stays up late waiting for her teenager to come home, the mother who holds her daughter’s hair while she is puking, the mother who comforts her crying child when they get hurt doing just what she told them not to do. It is the mother who does the dishes and makes the food, and folds the laundry that often no one says thank you for.

It is the mother who guides and teaches and cries with her children when things are hard. It is the mother who jumps with joy and happiness when her children succeed. It is the mother who wakes up every day to go to work for a family that doesn’t always appreciate her.  A mother who keeps changing stinky diapers, and telling her children that she loves them after they roll around on the floor cursing her name.

It is the mother who still listens, loves, and guides her children even when they are off to college or having families of their own. It is the mother and grandmother who spend precious moments pondering the perfect birthday gifts or maybe just a little pick me up for her kids. It is the grandmother who still makes special breakfasts for the grandkids, who continues to help raise them, and who always worries about their well-being.  If there is one group of passionate people it is mothers.

Thank you to all of you mothers who are passionate about motherhood.  Who change the world one timeout at a time or one text or phone call at a time.  May this mothers day find you happy in your passion of motherhood.

Happy Mothers Day!

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