Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nature Walk

We are enjoying the humid spring of Virginia and thought a Nature Walk would be the perfect activity. I gave each of my kids a ziplock bag and we went for a walk with the instructions to find neat things and put them in their bags. If you want to stretch your activity, have the kids decorate their bags before your walk.

We found lots of fun things...toads, stink bugs, more stink bugs, flowers, black walnut shells, nickles and tons of gnats (in our hair, our eyes, our ears). It was fun to see what the kids loved. When we came back Julia made a little boquet with her flowers, the kids tortured the toad for like an hour and Jackson played with his snake (it was realy a dried up worm). Its always fun to make dioramas with your treasure or use your sticks and leaves to make pictures of nature. If you want to get educational you can google some of the items you find or make little nature books. The options are endless and very affordable. Enjoy your nature walks and feel free to share your fun with us.


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  1. Are you still in Virginia? We're not too far away if you want to take a little road trip :)