Monday, May 20, 2013

Letting it Go

I am not a super organized person as many of you may know but I really want to be. Really bad. I really want my house to be organized, I want to have my life organized and I want to have my family be organized. The problem is, I've realized that to get what I want I have to give some things up. Two things to be exact. The first is sleep and the second is stuff. And I have found that I'm really struggling to give either of them up. I like my morning rest and I think maybe I'm just not sure what to get rid of, but until I do these two things, I can't have what I really want. So, the question is why can't I let go to get what I really want?

 I read a story once about how racoons are captured. I can't be sure of its validity as I really know nothing about catching racoons but the principle is perfect. It taught that to catch a raccoon you simply make a cage with a small opening with food inside. The raccoon puts his paw into the hole to grab the food and the raccoon is caught, because when his fist is holding the food he can't pull his paw out of the trap. If he wants to be free all he has do is let go of the food, but he won't, and hence he is caught.

I think we all have these things in our lives. The things that are keeping us from what we really want. The things we hold onto that catch us, weigh us down, and keep us from attaining the happiness we desire. Some of us want to lose weight but just can't give up the food. Others want to breath better but they can't let the cigarettes go, still others want to get more done but can't stop checking Facebook. I want to get more done but I won't get up earlier or rid myself of extra stuff.

Lets kick it. Lets get rid of the things that keep us from what we really want. Lets start letting go.
Just a heads up, I often do my posts in the afternoon hours because that is when my son takes a nap. If you check the blog Mon., Wed, or Fri. and you don't see a post check back a bit later, say around nap time.

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