Friday, July 19, 2013

One Of My Favorite Things...Date Night

Simply put, I didn't marry husband to have kids, I married him because I loved him. I married him because I enjoy being with him. I married him because he's a little goofy and though often his jokes don't make me laugh he does. Now if this is the case, if I want to keep the love alive, there is a key event that must take place in my life, date night. Date night has a special place in my heart. It is most definately one of my favorite things! Without it my happily ever after isn't quite right.

As I mentioned in my book Family Ever After, your spouse should be at the top of`your priority list. You started your journey with them and when the kids are grown and gone it will just be you and your husband. If you don't keep your love alive, what joy will there be? What relationship will you have? Even if your road is a littly rocky right now, remember that it was right when you married your spouse and even if there are problems at the moment it doesn't mean that suddenly your marriage is wrong. The relationship may simply be in need of some renewal. Start with date night. After all, your relationship likely began and bloomed by spending time together, I suggest it will continue to blossom if you keep spending time together.

Here are a few ideas to help your date nights to be succesful.

1. Schedule a time once a week that doesn't change. This makes it so you can plan for babysitters, be home from work, or buy tickets for events you want to attend etc. If the time must change be sure to reschedule or get back on track the next week.
2. DON'T talk about kids or money on your date. These are important things that you can talk about another time. This time is just for the two of you to enjoy.
3. Take turns planning what you will do for your date. One week is his and one is hers and neither can complain or opt out of the other person's choice.
4. Be creative. Dinner and a movie will get old fast. You could go fishing, hit it out at the batting cages, tour a candy factory, take an art class together, go to your favorite teams football game, or have a picnic at the park. Sometimes we just want to stay home, so we bribe our kids with treats and a movie in their rooms and pay them to stay in there.
5. At least once a year go on an over nighter or weekend date.

I challange you all to go on a date this weekend and make it a habit. If it's not perfect try try again. I would love to hear how it goes!

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