Monday, July 15, 2013

Four Tips To Get Rid Of The Nail

It’s Not About the Nail—have you seen it? I saw this clip and exploded with laughter, because, let’s face it; it’s true, maybe a bit dramatic but true non-the-less. So often in our relationships we choose to hang onto habits, stress, regret, anger and who knows what else. A good talk always helps but repetition of that same discussion rarely gets us anywhere. In fact sometimes it can come between husbands and wives.

Husbands and wives are the perfect sound board. When we have problems of any kind we should be able to go to our spouse for a good vent, a good cry, and yes, good counsel. After all, your spouse knows your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else and sometimes they really can see the blatantly obvious nail that you are oblivious to. I’m not talking just to the wives here, because this is definitely a two way street.

Here are a few tips to get the nail out whether you’re male or female

1. Listen to your spouse. When someone feels safe they are more willing to take the needed steps to change.

2. Let go of Pride. Your spouse almost always has your best interest at heart. If they see something you could change, improve, or act on, don’t get mad. It’s natural to want to fix something that is causing pain to someone you love. Take a good magnified view of yourself and ask yourself if their counsel is good.

3. Take action. Obviously nothing will change or improve if you do nothing.

4. Love no matter what. If your spouse doesn’t take your well intentioned advice love them anyway. If your spouse won’t stop telling you to pull the nail when you don’t want to, love them anyway. Real progression comes with real love.

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