Friday, June 14, 2013

My Favorite Part About Family...Kid Style

Today's guest post is from my oldest daughter EllaAnne. She is 9 years old. In her words, she loves reading, times tables, and her mom (I didn't tell her to say that). As her mom, I see her as a gifted student and a creative problem solver. She is very caring and making things just right is very important to her. This is her favorite part about family. (I did not sway her words in any way...this is all Ella)
My favorite part about families is that families are very forgiving. When someone is mean to the other person they are very forgiving and forgive each other. I like how fathers are hard workers and mothers are the caring ones who help children. Also my favorite part about my family is that I'm the oldest. I love that families can be trusted and I like how the kids learn what their parents do. They follow their examples.

One time we got this awesome cat named skitter. She had kittens. Well one day I accidentally left the bathroom door open where we kept the kittens. Jackson my little brother came in and flushed a kitten down the toilet. Then one died because we held it too much. It was very hard to forgive Jackson for flushing the kitten down the toilet but we still did. My parents also forgave us for killing another kitten, the one we held too much. And I like how our family forgave each other.

Thanks Ella. It's fun to get a different perspective!

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  1. That is just awesome! Tells us where it's really at!