Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Successful Marriage Is...

I did a little experiment the last two weeks with my husband. I simply made an extra effort to strengthen our relationship by showing extra love. I did this by avoiding judgement, criticism, focusing on his positive actions and traits, and speaking kindly. I made sure to compliment him on his good looks often and made it a point to show him my gratitude. I put extra efforts into meals and making sure he could have breakfast before he left for work. I tried to do things with him he liked to do, like watch weird alien sci-fi movies. I wasn't perfect at my attempts or always super sweet but I really tried and it really made a difference in our marriage.
     We spoke more kindly to one another. We looked forward to any time we had together. We were more in love and less upset by lifes little nuasances. I was honestly suprised at what a difference my efforts made. My husband had no idea I was doing this. Success in Marriage really is, "much more than finding the right person. It's a matter of being the right person." (author unknown) I have a lot more work to do in being a better person and a better wife but I am trying. Every now and again I think we all just need a reminder. As the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday's approach keep this in mind. It's not about what your family or spouse is doing for you, but what you are giving and becoming for them.

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