Monday, August 19, 2013

Today's Sweet Moments

My sick and sleeping child (who broke her arm Saturday)

In life’s crazy sometimes I find it best to focus on the sweet moments. Today is one of those days.

Sweet moment #1- Two of my kids are gone swimming and two are asleep. What?!

Sweet moment #2- I get to clean my house in peace and no one is messing it up.

Sweet moment #3- My husband took an extra round of puke clean up last night so I could sleep a wee bit longer. I’m a lucky gal.

Sweet moment #4- I got to wash my laundry in a large capacity washer and dryer and it goes so much faster than it used to.

The mountain of Laundry that didn't take all day to wash!

Sweet moment #5- I got to see my husband mid-day. We were just signing life insurance papers but it’s always a treat to see him before 6pm.

Sweet moment #6- I renewed my life insurance policy and in the case of my demise my children will be well taken care of.

Sweet moment #7- My sick child couldn’t find her shoes so her older brother took off his new school shoes and put them on her and walked barefoot. (This one was extra sweet)

Sweet moment #8- Our friends invited us to dinner this week and that is one less meal to make and round of dishes that I don’t have to clean up.

First time chocolate chip cookies (They really are pretty good)

Sweet moment #9- I took some more junk to Utah’s version of goodwill. Ahhhh! It feels like I have more room to live!

Sweet moment #10- Daniel made cookies all by himself for the first time. They were a bit gooey so we ate the chocolate chips out of the first batch and then thickened up the rest of the dough. It’s always fun when my kids try new things

Sweet moment #11- When I walk in the door my kids come running and cheering –MOM!!! I loved to be loved.

Life has been extra busy. I think it’s just that time of year. When I just stop and notice the good things it keeps me peaceful, happier, and more content. It makes me realize all the good things I have. Try it. Sit down and write down ten sweet moments from your own life today. It seems like the more I write, the more I remember. I’m pretty sure it will lift your spirits! It did mine.


  1. That is such a super sweet list! It makes a person think about all the little things that we take for granted:) My kids are teenagers now but I can think of some Sweet Moments from this week. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate them:)

  2. Cindi, thanks for sharing in my sweet moments. Life just moves so fast. We just need to remember to remember the sweet things.