Monday, August 5, 2013

Four Little Monkeys...

As I was trying to finish up an important phone call, I could hear the oh so familiar Indian dance being pounded on the piano. I’m not sure, but it might have been monkeys. I headed into the closest quiet room available to finish my phone conversation only to find myself surrounded in a whirlwind of stuff. The carpet barely peeked out from under the clothes, papers, legos, books, toy food, and likely some real rotting food somewhere. Definitely Monkeys. I walked out in hopes of finding a safer refuge only to discover my two year old strutting around in his birthday suit. What happened to his clothes? I’m guessing the monkeys swiped them. I chased him down as my feet crunched on popcorn. Apparently someone tried to pop popcorn but left prematurely, allowing the lid to wiggle off and the popcorn to explode all over the kitchen. How it got to the dining room I couldn’t say and I how I didn’t notice, well all I have to say is, it must have been the monkeys.
After the wee one was re-clothed I headed to the kitchen to make lunch but the candy from the parade was sprinkled across my floor. I’m sure if I followed the empty wrappers it would have led me to the monkeys. Discouraged at the mayhem I headed to the bathroom. Somehow the monkeys beat me to it. I was greeted by the water holes of Africa with lions, tigers, and dinosaurs all bathing around my sink. My venture lead me through the family room only to discover that the game cupboard was open and the games had been thrown through the air and scattered. Dice, play money, fake bed bugs (gross), game boards and cards decorated the entire floor. Can you just picture the monkeys and all the fun they must have had? I decided then and there that something needed to be done. Those monkeys needed a mom. I turned off the phone, got off the computer and something amazing happened. The monkeys appeared out of our jungle. I made them some lunch, put the itty bitty monkey down for a nap, and gave the other monkeys some much needed attention.

One day my monkeys will be grown and gone, and as much as I will savor my quiet clean home I’m pretty sure I’ll miss them.

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  1. And this is why I NEVER talk on the phone. . . well, not the only reason :) Enjoy your little monkeys!