Friday, October 26, 2012

Apparently Spider Man is Important

     Friday morning, I was banging together medal bowls, with the intent of getting my kids out of bed. I could see my Daniel stirring. In hopes that my noisy breakfast preparation was working, I pressed on. Jackson was already awake and running around in his diaper.  Ella wandered in looking less than amused and made it to the cushy chair in the kitchen to lay back down. Julia followed, booking it to the bathroom...luckily she made it. Daniel however had no intention of getting out of bed, and no amount of coercion could do the trick. I began to lose patience in my children's inability to get up and get ready for school. The smell of breakfast finally convinced Daniel to end his slumber, and just as I was about to give him a piece of my mind, he began to share his dream.

     With all the wonder and excitement of a six year old he said, "Mom, I was dreaming that I was Spiderman and I just didn't want the dream to end." He threw out his arm as if to throw a web. With fascinating animation he continued, "I could climb walls, jump off buildings and throw my own web. It was so AWESOME!"

Now I understood, and I was grateful I didn't destroy his excitement in my impatience.

Somewhere in Chapter 3: Defining What's Important

     I love it when my husband helps me with my creative projects and he loves it when I go fishing with him. Neither of us in our heart of heart loves the others hobby, but we love each other. We love making each other happy and we love being together. In order to show our loved one’s what is important to them is important to us, we must actually know what is important to them. I know it is important to my four year old to read her stories. I know it is important to my 9 year old to listen, look and help her with creative projects. The only way to know what is important to our loved ones is to pay attention, listen, and inquire. Sometimes it means we have to stop doing what we are doing and refocus our attention towards our family.

*I now know how important Spiderman really is to my Daniel. I'm so glad I listened.

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