Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sweet Success

     They were shimmery and sweetly delicious; A dazzling gumball necklace success. The kids loved it, the adults enjoyed it, and the teenagers made matching sets. Thank you Bryce—my fabulous husband, for pushing a drill bit through 10 lbs of variegated pastel gumballs. This 3 a.m. ordeal was no small feat. He squeezed his construction hands into the tight rubber gloves, sanitized his itty-bitty tool and found himself swathed in gumball dust. What a man.     
     I must point out how thoughtful it was that my husband endured such a mind-numbing task. He could care less about gumball necklaces but knew this party was special to me. Instead of laying his head on a goose-feather pillow (which I must confess would have been my first instinct), or working on new apps, he drilled holes. Secretly he felt invested and proud of the outcome..., and I felt supported and extremely lucky to be so loved. Kind of makes me want to be a little more patient with his long work hours and abundant hobbies.
     I challenge you this week to find one thing that is important to your spouse and support them in it. I don’t mean just giving your stamp of approval, but really devote yourself and your time. You might just find you’re both a bit more thoughtful and increasingly grateful to one another. Once again, let me know how it goes.

My girls showing off their dads hard work

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  1. Thanks for sharing this important principle...supporting our spouses in their hobbies...and church callings...and jobs...sometimes we forget that it's not all about "me"! Way to go Bryce!