Monday, February 22, 2016

Happier Families Happier Lives

As I go from place to place living out my daily activities, I love to observe people. I watch them at the mall, the grocery store, the school, the business place and home. I have noticed of late, however, that people appear tired and show little enthusiasm for their daily turn, and I can’t help but wonder why. The feeling I get from the masses is that they are lonely, depressed, and rushed. I wonder, what are we doing wrong? Their sadness instills in me a desire to help and to bring peace and happiness back to the heart.

I believe that hope in a happier life comes from having happier homes and families. Life will always present hardship, but I wonder what the world would look like if people invested more time and energy into the ones they love most. What if people could find peace and happiness despite the imperfections of their lives and families?

As my father was mowing the lawn, he unexpectedly found himself in a wrestling match with the lawn mower. Miraculously, despite the tumble of man and mower, he walked away with only a broken arm, sore muscles, scrapes and bruises. About five days after the accident I called to see how he was doing. He informed me he was at the dentist with my mother who had just had a root canal. He told me how he was worried about her because she had injured her knees, and was hoping for her to take care of it quickly. He spoke not of his own injuries, but of his wife’s current battle; it was so heartfelt and so sweet. I couldn’t help but think, “I love that my mom and dad are so invested and concerned for one another when both are dealing with great challenges. I love that though it is difficult at times they take care of each other. I love that they still love each other.” Even though they are in pain, and still busy with work, grandchildren and other responsibilities, they have discovered an irreplaceable  key to peace and happiness. They are living happily ever after.

There is nothing extraordinary about my parents (unless you see them from my perspective, but I am absolutely biased on the matter.) They started the journey of their ever after the same way as the rest of us did. They have not been immune to tragedy, stress, loneliness, or failures, and yet they have found extraordinary happiness in life by showing love to the ones they love the most.

We are all working hard and I truly believe we are doing our best. It’s just a small reminder. Take a little extra time this week for the ones you love the most. Our families affect every aspect of our lives, and if we have happy families, I feel it safe to say we will have happier lives.

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  1. I am the man who fought the mower and walked away. While Michelle's blog is very properly focused on my wife I will add to the story that she was immediately by my side. Helping me right the mower and then caring for me. She was there because she cares more about others than herself. She then spent the time with me at urgent care and cared for me while I learned to to things with my non-dominant hand. Her care for me was remarkable and given with true charity.