Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Parenting is So Rewarding!

I won a special parenting award this week! Very unique! Let me give you some back ground before I reveal my exciting news. So my daughter and I are talking in the car. She needed something...and I had forgotten. That very same day my brain escaped me and I took my kindergartener to school 20 minutes late. Why? Because for some reason I thought school started twenty minutes later. It would appear--as her report card just came home to show her tardies--that this was not a one time deal. During this week I also forgot to blog, forgot to make important phone calls, and forgot things at the store. I was pretty sick, and I must consider this a blessing because I may never have won this award. Who are we kidding...I still would have won it.

 I know your dying to know. Wait for it... I won the "you are special for forgetting everything reward" bestowed upon me by my ten year old daughter. And for the record, my daughter wasn't kidding. She was very sincere...maybe too sincere. The award was followed by a well thought out speech that went something like this. "Mom, everyone else I know especially Dad remembers things. But you Mom, you forget everything! You're the only one who does that. That's special." I hate to gloat, but how can I not?! It's not everyday you win an award like that. At least I don't ever remember winning an award like that...hmm.

Sometimes life as a parent is...well just so rewarding!

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  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I now have a digital check list with alarms and a digital shopping list. It is very detailed and the only way that things get done. Just don't let me leave home without my digital lists!