Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leave judgement at the door this Valentines

This is a hotel in Mexico, but you wouldn't know
that until you opened the door.
Sheets on the windows, excessive cars in the drive way, dirty dishes on the counter, and toys all over the floor. This was my first glimpse to one of the homes of my son's friend. He was invited to his birthday party and naturally I wanted to meet the parents before leaving him. As I knocked on the door I was already formulating questionable ideas about this family.

As I stepped in the house I was greeted by a warm friendly smile and within 30 seconds all my unfair judgements had melted away. I saw the family picture over the fireplace (and it was a large family), I heard lots of joyful laughter, and my son was immediately embraced by the many children.

Thirty more seconds and I was wishing they would invite me to stay just so I could learn more about them. I wanted to hear their stories and listen to them laugh. They seemed to have all their priorities in place. They were a happy loving family. Maybe they didn't have money for curtains or maybe they just didn't want curtains. There was a time when sheets covered my windows too. Maybe they were playing with their kids instead of doing the dishes. I would much rather do that to. Lots of cars for lots of people. It just makes sense.

The moral to my story. I loved this family before I ever knew them, but I wouldn't have known that without leaving my judgements at the door. Just like people, families have their strengths and their weakness, their trials and joys, their sadness and hope. This Valentines be better today than yesterday by leaving your judgement at the door. Love people. Love who they are. Love them for their talents. Love them for their kindness. Just love them. Every family and every person hopes that people will be willing to look beyond the view from the front door. When I was in college my apartment was definitely not a looker from the outside. There was no masking it's ugliness. We simply hung a sign on the door that said, "It's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside that counts."

Don't we all hope that people will find the good in us and forget about the bad. Don't we hope people will look into our hearts. Let's give to others this Valentines what we hope to have. Happy Valentines!
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